"I have gotten so much from this program that has modeled for me what actual Compassion-Based Youth Organizing looks like.”

- CA Youth Rising Grantee 

"The work you did really set the framework for the transcription code(s) that helped to pull together all this data. Very comprehensive and dynamic - really!" - Research Associate, regional research and advocacy organization

"Thank you for handling this for us this year! I really don't know what we would have done ... and I would be willing to back up what you've done." Director of Programs, an international philanthropic organization

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Educational Consulting 

Youth Development 

Lifestyle Curation

Welcome to the Black Intergenerational

Zeal (BIZ) Stoop, a platform-generating social enterprise serving East Bay millennials; especially those in Oakland and our neighboring cities.

We host interactive workshops, culturally informed leadership, and mental health peer convening(s). As a community stakeholder - we generate equitable access for young adults and youth from mid-to-high stress neighborhoods.

We have a specialty in community database development, program onboarding, and generating evaluation tools. Through passion-orienting consulting, we mentor & support: transformational leaders, social entrepreneurs, and the organizations that serve them.

Some of Who We Have Worked Alongside & Were Sponsored By (Grants + Contracts)

Urban Strategies Council 

c/o BIZ Stoop

1720 Broadway 2FL

Oakland, CA 94612

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