Pretty easy! SIX MINUTES should be all you need! 

Listen Up Everyone, we've got a special request!

Let's bring a couple $100,000s to our communities - every year for 10 YEARS - by completing our Census 2020 forms !!!

We're Doing Outreach!

You've heard it here, on your radio, seen the flyers, and saw a snipit on the news. 

Census 2020 is OPEN FOR RESPONSES. Individuals and/or households can complete their forms April 1st - August 31st, 2020 - it's our responsibility to represent and bring $$$$ to community! BIZ Stoop's goal is to get the word out to  young adults age 16-30 years old living in HTC ("hard to count") areas in Alameda and Contra Costa Count(ies). 


From Now-June 2020 we will be Calling Our Folks, posting on social media, and planning for a party! We will be collecting "Say It Proud - My Census Counts" videos to encourage multilingual households to participate. We'll even be hosting a virtual gathering in June 2020 to play census themed games, announce raffle winners, and more!


BIZ Stoop was identified to carry out the youth outreach because we are experienced in community, and have a strong network of young adults and youth development partners who can help us reach our goal to get at least 500 surveys completed before June 30thThis work is being supported by a mini-grant sourced through Urban Strategies Council, by way of the United Way of the Bay Area.

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