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Welcome to the BIZ Stoop

Youth Impact Hub The People's Pitch!-May 23rd, 2015 


Founding CEO, Desire J. Forte 

Representing on Black Renaissance-September 2015


50 Fund Playmaker-Gino Pastori-Ng and Youth Impact Hub 

Our team was featured in the Super Bowl 50 Fund Grant announcement for Youth Impact Hub.Big Ups to Gino and aManda for launching such a dynamic program!


Good Soul Livid In Poverty

IInstead of giving into the circumstances, our founder used education + spoken word + action to be visible - to be heard. With deep roots in community service, her deeds were far from unnoticed. Receiving accolades for scholarship and leadership - she knew that in her youth she could ignite a mass transformation: starting with her hometown.


Life's Hospital 

As mentioned in the pitch clip, this work has been 10 years in the making for our founder. Being a high opportunity youth from Oakland, CA ... the intersection of race, class, gender is like living through a kaleidoscope - continuous shape shifts.

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