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CA Youth Rising Spring 2021 Coalition Grant

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

California Youth Rising (CAYR) continues to provide ways for youth in their statewide network to access funds to support their YOUth led projects and events. The CAYR Spring 2021 Coalition Grant supports young leaders who are taking action to provide transformative changes in their communities. These YOUth led projects are then pitched to the CAYR Young Funders Committee (YFC), who assist in the grant decision making process. The YFC funds innovative and powerful projects led by YOUth, who are taking initiative to foster lasting and trusting relationships with people in their communities. The YFC and CAYR as a whole serves to elevate young and upcoming leaders in the community through exposure to grant writing, leadership, entrepreneurship, community based projects, and events. The CAYR network continues to support young leaders and transform their dreams into reality. These grant opportunities encourage youth to shape their passions into community based projects and initiatives that ignite transformative changes within their neighborhoods and beyond.


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